DiUS Computing Pty Ltd

An Australian technology services organisation, DiUS has a DNA that’s cloud-native, human-powered, ‘small-a’ agile, lean, end-to-end and outcome-focused. Our talented teams use hardware, software, web and mobile — whatever it takes — to develop the right digital solution to get an idea to market or make a business of any size more responsive.

Contact Info

Joe Losinno


+61 3 9008 5400

Level 3, 31 Queen Street
Melbourne, Victoria


Additional Locations

Headquarters: Level 3, 31 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia
Sydney Office: Level 8, 220 George Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000 Australia

Case Studies

A Vision for the Future of Eye Care
DiUS has developed a ground-breaking e-health system to support improved patient care. The result is OculoTM – designed to connect optometrists and ophthalmologists, and to improve the continuity of eye care.

CMS Publishing Without EC2 Compute
DiUS helped CarAdvice migrate its existing Content Management System towards a serverless infrastructure; accelerating a shift towards an API-driven architecture.

Data science in the cloud massively speeds up risk calculations
A new economic capital risk model implementation developed by DiUS helped a large financial institution dramatically improve its ability to model scenarios and calculate outputs to better support future capital strategy.

DiUS helps Medibank test new markets
“DiUS was instrumental in building the new Medibank healthcare search pilot from scratch in 6 weeks. They went above and beyond to ensure the pilot got up with a MVP, as well helping to upskill the project team.” Mark Alexander, Strategy

Helping Myfreight on its way to global expansion
“We wanted to be in a position of controlling our own destiny. What we wanted to end up with was something that no one else could replicate,and of course, we wanted it to be the smartest and fastest freight management system out there.“ Marshall Hughes

Helping Vodafone win back the customer
“It’s been really amazing. I’ve worked in the telco industry for many years and I’ve never experienced the kind of speed at which we’ve been able to get stuff out the door with no problems." Vincent Dempsey, General Manager Digital Products, Vodafone

How the cloud and a Lean mindset helped Qantas launch a new business
DiUS helps deliver a highly successful consumer-facing web application that has extended the Qantas Group’s reach into the burgeoning online travel marketplace.

Maximising the Return from Fueling Environments
Environmental Monitoring Solutions enlisted the help of DiUS to ensure their customers’ Petrol sites are compliant and operational around the clock.

Proving High-Performance Cloud Computing Can Support Disease Prevention
The Systems Biology and Personalised Medicine Division at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research enlisted the help of DiUS to accelerate the processing and analysis of embarrassingly parallelizable data and image sets.


At DiUS, we place a premium on expertise gained through real-world experience. Our consultants also have the relevant AWS Associate and Professional Certifications, where applicable: Solution Architect, Developer, SysOps and DevOps.


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