Beamr is a global leader in content adaptive image processing solutions. Based on patented technology that enables JPEG, H.264 and H.265 files and streams to be reduced up to 50% or more with no loss in quality, Beamr has pioneered perceptual quality optimization for improved UX, UI and image quality over any network.

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Mark Donnigan
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Menachem Begin 23
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Headquarters: Menachem Begin 23, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv 66182 Israel
US Office: 974 Commercial St. Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94303 United States


Beamr Video
Beamr Video delivers a smoother streaming experience with faster stream start and reduced buffering, resulting in increased ARPU, reduced distribution costs and above all higher customer satisfaction.

JPEGmini Server by Beamr
JPEGmini Server by Beamr enables image-intensive websites to reduce load time and increase monetization by cutting image size by up to 80%, while preserving full resolution and quality. It runs on Linux and easily integrates into image processing flows.

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AWS Marketplace Seller

Products from Beamr on the AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
$39.00/mo + $0.075 to $2.625/hr + AWS usage fees | 64-bit AMI, Amazon Linux |

The JPEGmini Photo Server improves the performance of image-intensive web pages by optimizing JPEG images. Based on patent-pending media optimization technology, the JPEGmini Photo Server reduces the file size of your images by up to 5x (80% reduction), while keeping their original quality and standard JPEG format. Improving your page load time by image optimization leads to improved user experience and monetization, and also reduces your storage and bandwidth costs.