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Aerospike is the front-edge real-time database powering a new generation of interactive Web and mobile applications that operate with low latency at global scale. It is the first flash-optimized, in-memory Key Value Store that scales up and out on a handful of servers. Aerospike combines key value transactions and “hot” analytics with strong ACID consistency and enterprise-grade reliability. De

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Aerospike Database
It is the first flash-optimized, in-memory NoSQL database to combine transactions and “hot” analytics with strong ACID consistency and enterprise-grade reliability.

Case Studies

"Overwhelming Force" - A Scale Warriors Story
Gian-Paolo Musumeci, Sr. Staff Engineer at BrightRoll tells stories about Scaling.

Explore Real-time Bidding with The Trade Desk
The Trade Desk CTO and founder, Dave Pickles discusses the challenges of scaling a worldwide, real-time internet delivery system to millions of transactions per second for billions of users across global data centers.

Snapdeal, India’s Largest Online Marketplace, Accelerates Personalized Web Experience With Aerospike
By harnessing the real-time big data processing capabilities of Aerospike, Snapdeal provides consumers with the up-to-themoment updates about product availability, pricing, and seller ratings to help make buying decisions informed and convenient.

So-net Media Networks Demand-Side Platform Powers Real-Time Bidding and Ad Optimization
At the core of the Logicad DSP is the Aerospike NoSQL database. Aerospike provides the Logicad platform with a reliable Web-scale data store for up to 500 million unique user records for 90 days and approximately 2 terabytes (TB) of replicated data.

Tinkoff Boosts Performance While Trimming Operational Costs of Russian Internet Ad Platform Using Aerospike
While the initial implementation delivered satisfactory results, an introduction to the Aerospike real-time NoSQL database six months later prompted Tinkoff to reevaluate its decision. The company then performed a side-by-side comparison of performance an

Vizury Reduces Server Requirements by 4x While Increasing Speed at Scale With Aerospike Flash-Optimized In-Memory NoSQL Database
Global digital CRM company Vizury relies on open source Aerospike database to scale its advertising infrastructure and power 5 billion-plus bid requests per day


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