Stelligent's expertise is in creating fully scripted, tested, versioned and continuous delivery systems for customers so that they can deliver software to users at the click of a button and/or with every good change. We are experts in the use of AWS services such as CloudFormation, CodePipeline, CodeBuild (and other Code* Services), EC2, IAM, Route 53, S3 and VPC. Moreover, we have experience i

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Angela Lee-Moll
Marketing Alliances Manager


11710 Plaza America Drive, Suite 2000
Reston, VA
United States

Case Studies

Advent Software, Inc.
Stelligent created a self­-service system in which engineers can automatically launch and deploy software to their AWS environments ­at the click a button.

Sony Pictures Entertainment
Stelligent created a fully-automated deployment pipeline in which the complete software system including the application code, configuration, infrastructure and data is built and tested with every change.


All our engineers hold one or more AWS certifications, with AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional being the key aim for most.


Financial Services, DevOps


AWS Government Partner Program, AWS Managed Service Program, AWS Marketplace Seller