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stackArmor has deep professional experience in delivering secure and compliance oriented cloud solutions to regulated industries in Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, Non-profits and Energy. Our experts help protect you from the cyberthreat challenges through systems engineering best practices developed over decades while working with US Federal, Large Financial Services and Department of Defense customers requiring compliance with NIST, HIPAA, FFIEC, FISMA, FedRAMP, DHS and DISA standards.

Our expertise includes Cloud architecture, migration, and operations management support services for Websites, Dev & Test, Big Data, and ECommerce workloads. stackArmor has developed proprietary solutions such as ThreatAlert, StackBuilder, and StackView to secure and operate AWS based applications. Our Solution Architects have over 15 years of industry experience with over 5 years of hands-on deployment experience on AWS. Technologies supported by our engineers include Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Tableau and open source solutions like Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, Hadoop, Spark, and Chef (DevOps).

Our engineers enable and support our customers' transition to secure cloud computing through a systems engineering approach that includes the design of secure environments; implementation of automated intrusion prevention and detection, vulnerability and log management services; and helping modernize Enterprise IT operations through automation of cybersecurity, development and operations activities.

Key competency areas include:

  • AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF): Perform a strategic assessment of the portfolio and create a transition and modernization roadmap that includes establishing the business case through TCO and other metrics.
  • AWS Cloud Computing Core: Covers setup using best practices in foundational services including setting up and configuring VPC, Security Groups, Identity and Access, EC2 Instances, Storage and basic application services. Technologies covered include EC2, IAM, Security Groups, S3, RDS, ELB, AZ, Regions, Networking.
  • AWS SecurityFirst : Ensure the secure configuration of AWS components including EC2, IAM, S3 Policies, RDS, Security Groups, Data Encryption, and Multi-factor Authentication.
  • AWS High Availability Engineering : Includes advanced engineering on building cost-efficient applications using Multi-Availability Zone, Regions, Auto-scaling Groups, ELB, Route 53.
  • AWS Advanced Management and Optimization : Use of management best practices around tagging, use of tools including cost explorer, trusted advisor, forecasting and cost optimizations best practices. Technologies used include TrustedAdvisor, CostExplorer, Budget Forecaster, Tagging.
  • DevOps Enablement : Covers development pipeline automation techniques through the use of various AWS services such as Elastic Bean Stalk, AWS SWF, OpsWorks, CloudFormation templates as well as CHEF. Various DevOps related services
  • AWS Operations Best Practices : Creation of standardized management and operations stack especially for organizations that compliance needs. Covers Continuous Monitoring, Patching, Anti-Virus, Restore/Backups, Incident Response & Management, Vulnerability Management. FISMA, HIPAA, PCI, Other compliance frameworks.
  • AWS Enterprise services : Includes the creation of customized solutions using value-added services including AWS Workspaces, Virtual Storage Gateway, Archival and DR solutions amongst others.

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    Hannah Chi
    AWS Solutions Account Executive


    11480 Motor City Drive, #410
    Bethesda, Maryland
    United States

    Additional Locations

    India Office: #34/A, Hitech City Station Road Khanamet, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500 081 India
    UK Branch Office: Unit Four 52 Lant Street, London, SE1 1RB United Kingdom


    CloudCoach is a highly customized customer success and technical support program that provides access to highly trained and experienced AWS architects for a fixed fee to jumpstart a project and enable self-sufficiency.

    StackBuilder is a "turbo-tax" for AWS that provides full-stack deployment of applications within a AWS VPC configured with best practices such as boundary protection, high-availability through multiple Availability Zones, Auto-scaling groups, clustering.

    ThreatAlert is a real-time continuous monitoring system that is compliant with NIST and other US Federal standards for ensuring that your environment is constantly monitored for vulnerabilities.

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