aiScaler is the Swiss army knife of web applications, providing Traffic Management, Dynamic Site Acceleration, and DDoS protection. aiScaler makes your sight fast, scalable and secure in a single integrated solution. We provide Highly Available solutions that let you sleep at night on your gear or in the cloud.

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aiCDN - Reduced Latency Global Caching
aiCDN is a network of aiScaler instances, deployed in your choice of AWS regions. It's a cloud-based Application Delivery Network that uses Route53 for geographical redundancy of your ADC's.

aiMobile Mobile Content Management & Acceleration
aiMobile increases mobile site performance, unifies your domains across desktop and mobile platforms and automates delivering content that fits the capabilities of your mobile users devices.

aiProtect Denial of Service Protection
aiProtect automates the identification and mitigation of Denial of Service (DoS & DDOS) attacks, while providing detailed reporting necessary to end the attack.

aiScaler Load Balancer & Site Acceleration
aiScaler is the swiss army knife of web application serving.  It is a single easily configured virtual appliance that provides Traffic Management, Dynamic Site Acceleration, and DDoS protection.

Case Studies

Comparing ADC's on the AWS Marketplace
This report compares the top 3 popular vendors on the AWS Marketplace: aiScaler vs Citrix Netscaler vs F5 BIG-IP

Scaling, a subdivision of Amazon uses aiScaler to manage the crush during woot-offs on AWS EC2


AWS Marketplace Seller

Products from aiScaler on the AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
$0.00 to $2.40/hr + AWS usage fees | 64-bit AMI, Ubuntu Linux |

aiScaler is an all-in-one application delivery controller (ADC) and a layer 4-7 load balancer, with an emphasis on Dynamic Site Acceleration. A number of websites in the Alexa top 1000, use aiScaler to manage their traffic. aiScaler works as a reverse proxy, increasing the traffic your origin server can handle by up to 10 times. aiScaler provides real time reporting on over 200 metrics, offloads SSL processing and supports real time configuration changes for auto-scaling. Unlike many of our competitors on AWS, aiScaler provides no limitation on your throughput. Our Dynamic Site Acceleration off-loads request processing from the web, application and database tiers, reducing code complexity and resource requirements. aiScaler contains complete scriptable L4-7 load balancing and responds to requests from a RAM-based cache-response engine. This adaptive architecture, can deliver over 250,000 HTTP requests per second. For encrypted traffic, aiScaler manages HTTPS termination with over 2Gbps of raw AES256 bulk encryption, resulting in over 15,000 RSA-1024 sessions per second. The functionality of our other products, aiMobile and aiProtect, can be added to aiScaler, by adding parameters to the config file. This allows DDoS protection and mobile site acceleration, on the same instance - without extra fees! (DDoS protection only on small instances and better; i.e. not micro-instances). aiScaler is easy to install, with one simple config file or through our web-based deployment tool.

AWS Marketplace Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
$0.29 to $2.40/hr + AWS usage fees | 64-bit AMI, Ubuntu Linux |

aiProtect identifies and mitigates DDoS attacks, while tracking the source and method of the attack. aiProtect works like a reverse proxy server and is placed in between your origin server and the web. Some examples of defensive measurements include: IP blocking, enforcing client time-limits, intelligent traffic throttling, and reverse Turing tests. IP blocking: aiProtect identifies the offending addresses and blocks all traffic, while writing offending addresses to a directory for analysis. Intelligent request throttling: This limits requesting clients to a certain number of requests per interval. For example, aiProtect can limit a client to 20 requests per 10 seconds. This method of throttling is different from simple RPS-limiting and is much more user friendly. If your typical page consists of 10-15 items, such 20:10 limit will allow users to view a complete page every 10 seconds, presenting no inconvenience for a human, but preventing bots from taking down your server. The most extreme defence (optional): Reverse Turing Access Token Control (RTATC). This feature is like a very flexible and configurable CAPTCHA. If the response indicates the presence of a human, an access token, good for configurable amount of time is issued to the requesting browser. You can deploy aiProtect without studying any programming language. Go to our web-based deployment tool and see how you can switch between a text editor and a graphical interface.

AWS Marketplace Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
$0.19 to $2.40/hr + AWS usage fees | 64-bit AMI, Ubuntu Linux |

aiCDN allows you to create a custom CDN with Dynamic Site Acceleration, optimized precisely for your application. aiCDN can be used as a replacement for, or enhancement to other static CDN's. A number of websites in the Alexa top 1000, use aiCDN to manage their traffic. aiCDN uses DNS-based geo load-balancing, like Route53, to route traffic to the fastest node. Multiple aiCDN endpoints automatically update from a central location, making sure that dynamic content is always fresh. aiCDN supports clustering endpoints and multiple programmatic cache expirations options, ensuring a uniform experience for users worldwide. aiCDN is specialized in accelerating dynamic pages, a field in which current CDN's are struggling. You may combine aiCDN with another CDN, to serve your static content, or simply use it to handle all your traffic as an all-inclusive solution. Deploying aiCDN, on a cloud like AWS, in 2 to 5 locations worldwide and geo-routing your users to the nearest cache, is faster than traditional CDN's. Even better, it's a fraction of the cost of a high-end CDN, with greater control and real time monitoring. Proof of concepts can be deployed in hours, at minimal costs without interrupting ongoing operations. aiCDN customers, only pay for what they use, which let's you grow-on-demand or save costs in changing market conditions. Unlike other CDN's, there are no minimum charges or term contracts. You can scale instantly by modifying the instance sizes of your endpoints.

AWS Marketplace Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
$0.29 to $2.40/hr + AWS usage fees | 64-bit AMI, Ubuntu Linux |

aiMobile identifies mobile devices before they contact the web servers and groups them into "families" by device type. aiMobile then intelligently redirects the requests to the proper local or remote resources while serving device specific cached content. This grouping (compression of device id's) reduces the number of different formats, that your web site has to support, from hundreds to only a few. aiMobile then accelerate the mobile content by keeping device-specific versions of cached content and intelligently issuing the right response to the right mobile device. Many mobile devices do not support Javascript, so logic for ad placement frequently has to be executed server side. The number of calls to advertiser APIs increases as ads are inserted into the mobile pages at render time. aiMobile offers Intelligent Response Pre-fetch, keeping queues of ready-to-go responses for the URL that you configure for pre-fetch. When any of these responses are required to render a page, they can be instantly retrieved from aiMobile pre-fetch queues, as opposed to being requested at runtime via slow remote API. The functionality of aiProtect and aiScaler can be added to aiMobile, by simply adding parameters to the configuration file. This allows you to add DDoS protection and dynamic site acceleration, while running this entire package on the same instance. For this we do not charge extra software fees.