Zementis is a software company focused on the rapid operational deployment of data science. Available in the AWS Marketplace or for on-site / Hadoop (Hive, Spark, Storm), its solutions deliver scalable real-time & batch scoring of machine learning and predictive models based on the vendor-neutral PMML industry standard.

Zementis was named “Cool Vendor in Data Science” by Gartner.

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ADAPA Decision Engine
ADAPA is a deployment platform for machine learning and predictive analytics based on the PMML industry standard. Deploy models from data mining tools like R, Python, KNIME, SAS, SPSS, Statistica, FICO. Score data in real-time with Web-Services or from S3

UPPI for Hadoop (EMR & AWS Data Pipeline)
Zementis Universal PMML Plug-in (UPPI) leverages the PMML industry standard to enable vendor-agnostic deployment and scoring of advanced data mining, machine learning and predictive analytics models on EMR and AWS Data Pipeline.

Case Studies

Financial Industry Case Study - Zementis AWS
Real-time, predictive analytics scoring with Zementis ADAPA on AWS for loan applications at one of the top credit unions.


AWS Marketplace Seller

Products from Zementis on the AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
$0.99 to $3.99/hr + AWS usage fees | 64-bit AMI, Fedora Linux |

ADAPA is a predictive scoring engine based on the PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) standard. With ADAPA, deploy one or many predictive models and score your data in real-time using Web-Services. Or, use ADAPA for big data scoring directly from your local file system or an Amazon S3 bucket. As a central solution for today's data-rich environments, ADAPA delivers precise insights into customer behavior and sensor information.