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Solano Labs' products and services harness the cloud to make software development and deployment faster, more reliable, and lower cost. Solano CI automates continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD) processes with automated parallelism for unlimited scale. Solano Spotmark programmatically optimizes cloud resources for performance, cost, and availability through Solano's patented technology.

Contact Info

Leo Cheng
VP of Business Development

+1 415-684-8536

275 Post Street, FL2
San Francisco, CA
United States

Case Studies

Building a Testing Culture
Gusto, formerly known as Zenpayroll, switched from Jenkins to Solano CI to improve its testing capabilities. Case Study discusses their transition into AWS and Solano CI. Solano CI intelligently and automatically optimizes tests, so developers don't have to manage a CI system, configure VMs, or make sure its CI nodes are functioning.

Continuous Integration at BigCommerce
This is their experience with using Solano CI, as well as Solano Services to custom-tailor solutions to address their specific needs, and continue scaling seamlessly to deliver value to the customers that rely on them.

Fast tests remove testing barriers
Lumosity discusses their transition from Jenkins to tddium (former name for Solano CI), concluding that switching from Jenkins to Solano CI lead to a 425% improvement in turnaround time.

Testing at Airbnb
Airbnb discusses their evolution in testing and its CI vendor selection process where it chose Solano CI. This is discussed in the "In the Clouds" section.

Testing at Tobi
Tobi takes advantage of Solano CI's automated scheduling and parallelism, along with the help of Solano Support, to create a strong testing infrastructure and reducing their testing time to the time it takes to get a cup of coffee— coffee time!


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