SaltStack is intelligent orchestration and event-driven automation for any cloud or network infrastructure. SaltStack is used by ITOps and NetOps teams to secure and control IT infra at scale while providing application, container and code configuration deployment for DevOps workflows. SaltStack also automates continuous policy compliance with integrated vulnerability remediation for SecOps teams.

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Headquarters: 2801 N. Thanksgiving Way, Suite 150, Lehi, UT 84043 United States


Salt Open

SaltStack Enterprise
SaltStack is a complete systems management software platform for fast and scalable automation of any cloud, application stack or data center infrastructure.

Case Studies

Major League Soccer - New Seattle Sounders FC Website Launch
MLS websites are hosted on AWS cloud infrastructure across multiple, active regions utilizing S3, VPCs, Autoscaling, RDS, Elasticache. All of this is automatically provisioned using SaltStack.

Managing the massive infrastructure uses SaltStack for remote execution and the dispatch of commands to thousands of servers.

Moving away from Puppet: SaltStack or Ansible?
Why Lyft chose SaltStack for cloud orchestration and configuration management.

SaltStack for Web scale
How LinkedIn uses SaltStack to manage a Web-scale infrastructure


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