Real iD Inc.

Real iD is a digital marketing company. Our principle is to perform earnestly, by drafting plans which utilize social media, management, and application development.

Real iD has three business domains:

  • Facebook consulting
  • Facebook application development
  • and Web systems development

The strong point of Real iD is the promotion of a real store and solution off

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Real iD
Digital Architects


3-4-2 Ichigayasadoharacho Greenplaza 2F
Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo-to


Beacon Marketing
Bluetooth technology "Beacon" is used for the goods developed by "Beacon Marketing." Promotion functions, such as coupon issue of commercial establishment, and a coming-to-the-store person's realistic action can be grasped like net analysis.

FunGift! is a social gift solution for the corporations which utilized Facebook. Your gift goods can be sent to the friend from a fan.

We provide online solutions to take in travelers to Japan. At Real iD, we provide an online infrastructure for commercial establishments, department stores, and brick and mortar businesses to take in travelers from abroad visiting Japan.

Social Dyne
Real iD developed the first system in Japan. "SOCIALDYNE" is the real-time information distribution system by which degital signage and Facebook cooperated.