Raygun Inc

Raygun keeps a watchful eye on your web and mobile applications and tells you when problems arise. Add Raygun to your code in minutes and you’ll be able to detect every error in your software, the second they happen.

Detailed crash reports
Every error report includes full diagnostic information about the root cause, so your team can fix issues faster and maintain a flawless expe

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Alex Kaufman
Account Manager


(206) 508-7144

175a Cuba Street
Wellington, North Island
New Zealand


Additional Locations

Headquarters: 175a Cuba Street, Wellington, North Island 6011 New Zealand
WeWork C/O Raygun ic.: 1601 5th Ave, Seattle, Washington Wa 98101 United States


Crash Reporting

Real User Monitoring

Case Studies

Minute Dock on Crash Reporting
Raygun gives MinuteDock intelligent error notification emails