Panzura is a Distributed File System with NFS and SMB/CIFS access to AWS S3 Object Storage. Panzura’s secure, end-to-end encrypted NAS storage includes global byte-range file locking, deduplication, compression, snapshots and is trusted by Government agencies. Panzura reduces storage costs up to 90%, is available as an AMI in the AWS Marketplace and from Panzura and Panzura partners.

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Nathaniel Wells
AWS Alliance Lead



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Case Studies

C&S Case Study
C&S Companies turned to Panzura to solve its remote Revit, Civil 3D, and CAD modeling performance issues by implementing a distributed Global File System with centralized, redundant, offsite cloud storage, improving productivity for C&S.

EA Case Study
Panzura’ s global file system and global deduplication gave EA the ability to utilize a centralized instance of data to appear in multiple locations and multiple formats.

LTC Case Study
Panzura was able to quickly set up a global file system solution on AWS that allowed worldwide collaboration for shop drawings and 3D modeling files. Delays to accessing those files were eliminated. Data security was ensured. Productivity improved.


Storage ISV Partner


AWS Government Partner Program, AWS Marketplace Seller

Products from Panzura on the AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
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AWS Marketplace Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
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