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PaaSLane is a SaaS based software solution from Cloud Technology Partners (CTP). PaaSLane analyzes application code to ensure cloud readiness and accelerate application migrations. In minutes, PaaSLane automatically spots hundreds of issues in Java and C#/.NET applications, delivering a prioritized roadmap for optimizing an application for the cloud. With PaaSLane, you can be sure that your applications are cloud ready while reducing or eliminating manual code reviews.

PaaSLane has 2 complementary offerings, PaaSLane Assess and Optimize.

The ASSESS module can quick review your applications for modernization and cloud readiness. PaaSLane Assess quickly identifies opportunities related to these challenges and provides a prioritized roadmap for optimizing those that aren’t. By automatically estimating the development effort required to modernize and migrate applications, PaaSLane Assess helps you utilize limited resources more efficiently and enables you to make better business decisions.

With PaaSLane Assess you can do the following:

  • Provide Cloud Readiness scoring through assimilating multiple factors into 1 number
  • Provide Deep Cloud Expertise by evaluating your application through an extensive set of rules
  • Comprehensive reporting with alerts sorted by severity, category and module
  • Detect Issues in your application source code

PaaSLane OPTIMIZE helps to improve the flexibility and agility of modernizing your application. The Optimize module continuously analyzes application source code, discovering optimization opportunities as well as quickly spotting trouble areas before they become a permanent part of your application. Developing apps using modern best practices ensures high performance, better scalability, and full cloud readiness, as well as lowering the cost of maintenance and support. With PaaSLane Optimize, you can check every line of code as it’s committed, and get your application ahead of the curve.

With PaaSLane Optimize you can do the following:

  • Optimize your applications for the cloud
  • Accelerate Application Modernization Efforts
  • Obtain Comprehensive Reporting and specific code level remediations
  • Integrate with common build environments, including Jenkins, Bamboo and Microsoft TFS
  • Increase application performance, reliability and scalability in the Cloud

Learn more about PaaSLane for AWS at and in the AWS marketplace here

You can try PaaSLane for free at

Contact Info

John Treadway
VP of Products

(617) 290-3955

308 Congress St. 5th Fl.
Boston, MA
United States


PaaSLane for AWS
PaaSLane is a software tool that accelerates application portfolio analysis and cloud application migrations. It provides both an application cloud readiness analysis and identifies coding errors, estimating the effort to fix them.


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