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PaaSLane analyzes application code to ensure cloud readiness and accelerate application migrations. In minutes, PaaSLane automatically spots hundreds of issues in Java and C#/.NET applications, delivering a prioritized roadmap for optimizing an application for the cloud. With PaaSLane, you can be sure that your applications are cloud ready while reducing or eliminating manual code reviews.

With PaaSLane you can:

  • Automatically find the best ways to optimize your application for AWS
  • Accelerate cloud development and boost developer productivity
  • Continuously optimize your application for AWS's quickly-evolving platform
  • Find quick wins and prioritize scarce engineering resources

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David Smith
Sales Director


308 Congress St. 5th Fl.
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PaaSLane for AWS
PaaSLane is a software tool that accelerates application portfolio analysis and cloud application migrations. It provides both an application cloud readiness analysis and identifies coding errors, estimating the effort to fix them.