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Orzota, Inc.

Orzota is a Silicon Valley based big data solutions and services company. Orzota provides customizable big data solutions as a managed service. Orzota's experienced data architects, engineers and data scientists provide professional consulting services to accelerate development of custom big data applications. This enables organizations to focus on results without worrying about the complexities and day-to-day tasks required to manage Big Data. Orzota offers flexible support options ranging from eight-hour shifts to complete 24×7 coverage.

Here are some of our solutions:

Orzota BigForce Document Analytics captures value from scanned PDFs that may be difficult to classify and search. With pre-built OCR, classification and NLP, we can identify templates and classes of documents while generating rapid insights with in-built analytics.

Orzota Real World Evidence Analytics analyzes data from real-world evidence. An easy to use Cohort builder helps build complex cohorts. The cohorts can then be used to explore treatment pathways and analyze population characteristics. Built from scratch on Big data technologies and a standard data model, our RWEA solution is customizable to meet your needs.

Orzota User360 Engine provides a 360-degree view of your prospects helping create user personas and convert the "right" users to customers with a 90% success rate. When new users visit your site, the User360 Engine allows for page optimizations targeting first time users with the right products and offers to help improve conversion. Our advanced predictive analytics identifies important characteristics that distinguish your most valuable customers.

Contact Info

Ilias Farfouris
Director, Sales


12930 Saratoga Ave, #B-1
Saratoga, CA
United States

Additional Locations

India Center: 34rd Floor, 38/39, Whites Road, Chennai, Royapettah 660 014 India