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Mind-Mercatis helps companies with digitization of their business processes in order to accelerate their competitiveness in the Era of Digital Economy. Company vision is to promote customer’s value creation through the elimination of barriers between technologies and business models, using Cloud Computing as the new organizational paradigm for quick project setup.

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Michele Sanna


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Cloud Consolle
Cloud Consolle is an innovative platform to manage Hybrid Cloud. Cloud Consolle allows to enhance on premise or cloud resources use and ensures versioning control and security standard compliance

Case Studies

SAP Hana Business One AWS implementation
Mind-Mercatis evaluated the traditional on premise approach first and then designed a cloud implementation based on these AWS services: EC2, EBS and CloudFormation. Thanks to the AWS HANA for B1 and SAP B1 were installed in less than 3 hours and tested.

Virtual Fair “Borsa del Placement” Event
Mind-Mercatis developed the required web application and selected AWS services, several EC2,EBS,S3, Elastic IP instances. Scaling and availability were ensured within the application.