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Get AWS Certified is the maker of IronWorker, IronMQ, and IronCache – three hosted cloud services for large-scale processing, message/event handling, data caching, and job scheduling.

  • IronWorker is a hosted task queue for large scale processing, running scheduled jobs, and processing tasks in the background and at scale. IronWorker provides an easy-to-use service to address the large percentage of processing that takes place in the background. Developers use IronWorker to process big data, crawl the web, create a processing tier for mobile apps, send custom emails, convert images, and perform the millions of other jobs that need reliable at-scale asynchronous processing.
  • IronMQ is a hosted message queue for orchestrating data within cloud applications. Message brokering systems are essential for building apps that need to grow and scale or need to communicate with other systems. IronMQ provides a durable high-performance message queue accessible through API calls and open-standard message protocols. Customers are using IronMQ to process streaming data, connect mobile apps, orchestrate processing flows, sync with legacy systems, and handle other core messaging and event-handling needs.
  • IronCache is an elastic data cache designed for sharing items between asynchronous processes. It’s a cloud-based durable key/value store that’s perfect for cloud applications needing to share state, pass data, and coordinate activity between processes and devices.
Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is a private company backed by many of the leading cloud investors.

Contact Info

Ken Fromm
VP Business Development


149 9th Street, Suite 200
San Francisco, CA
United States

Case Studies

How Helps BizeeBee
See how IronWorker helps BizeeBee easily offload resources and scale out email distribution.

How Helps Healthify
See how IronWorker helps Healthify process millions of data inputs as part of a bio-surveillance application.

How Helps Merchpin
See how IronWorker has become an integral part of the Merchpin platform.