Infopark AG

At Infopark AG we place effective marketing, innovative design and modern technology in the forefront with our solutions. Since 1994 we have collected more than 25 years of valuable experience and have successfully completed more than 1,000 national and international web projects.

... and we are nice. We like to prove that in person. ;-)

Contact Info

Stefan Fischer
Manager Customer Service Center

+49 30 7479930

Kitzingstr. 15
Berlin, Berlin

Additional Locations

Headquarters: Kitzingstr. 15, Berlin, Berlin 12277 Germany
Poland Office: Piłsudskiego 101, Wrocław, Wrocław 50-016 Poland

Case Studies

Nuremberg Airport on Cloud 9
Nuremberg Airport decided to migrate its website from the legacy hosting provider to a new application-centric personalized web experience using the cloud solution Infopark. The savings compared to a traditional solution are in the range of 70%.

Pharmatechnik Increases Performance
Pharmatechnik's web relaunch with Infopark, implemented by its partner Oestreicher+Wagner shifts the dialogue with thousands of customers and pharmacies from phone to web. Thus drastically increases the efficiency of the support services.


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