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ImageWare Systems

ImageWare delivers Secure, Scalable, and Adaptable real-time biometric identity as a service.

Secure your business and simplify user experience with multi-modal mobile biometric user authentication.

Secure (personal, accurate, anonymous)
  • Identifies the person, not the device, with liveness detection
  • Multi-layer protection of individual user’s biometric data
  • Fast and accurate anonymous authentication

Scalable (speed, population, device)
  • Validated over 8 million transactions per day
  • Scales to hundreds of millions identities within seconds
  • Cloud-based matching, register once use anywhere

Versatile (multi-biometric, fusion, In-Band and Out-Of-Band authentication)
  • Supports any kind of biometric, single or multiple
  • High-assurance multi-biometric fusion
  • Broad applicability for nearly any use case

Contact Info

Darren Semmel
Senior Sales Engineer


10815 Rancho Bernardo Rd
San Diego, California
United States


SaaS Partner