Chartio is a self-serve data exploration solution that enables anyone within an organization to analyze and visualize data across their many cloud applications and databases with no SQL knowledge required. Simple to set up, easy to use, perform ad-hoc data discovery with the flexibility of fully customizable queries for access to insights in real-time. Find out how at

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Mitch Morando
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Case Studies

Everlane - Keeping agile while growing fast
How Everlane uses Chartio with Redshift to manage a large number of disparate data sources, get new employees up and running quickly, empower people who aren't SQL experts, provide powerful tools to data scientists, and evolve their data models rapidly.

Gyft - Enabling Self-Service and Liberating Engineers.
How Gyft uses Redshift with Chartio to simplify queries, making it easier for Gyft's business users to answer their own questions and make decisions quickly.


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