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2nd Watch provides high-quality professional services and managed cloud services to midsize and large enterprises. The company’s subject matter experts work alongside your staff to help transform and evolve your businesses. With strategy, migration and net new cloud native builds 2nd Watch ensures you are secure, managed and optimized.

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Cloud Management Platform
The 2nd Watch Cloud Management Platform is a robust system that leverages cutting edge software with years of cloud experience, which reduces your risk, simplifies what you have to manage, and increases overall performance.

Deployment Solutions
Our deployment and workload solutions enable you to deploy faster, learn more often and adapt to customer requirements more effectively while transforming on-prem workloads to digital solutions in the cloud.

Design Solutions
Our design solutions are tested, trusted & proven to decrease time to market, increase learning and accelerate business growth.

Managed Cloud Solutions
Our managed cloud services and solutions enable you to focus on business strategy with less complexity while we handle the day-to-day. We are an audited and approved AWS Managed Service Partner (MSP).

Case Studies

AWS Case Study - A Premier Media Company
2nd Watch migrated over 300 servers to AWS in only 2 months, shutting down this premier media company’s primary data center, improving performance by 30-40% and operating costs by nearly 40%.

AWS Case Study - Adobe Business Catalyst
2nd Watch migrated Business Catalyst’s three datacenters to the AWS cloud, eliminating the costs associated with managing Adobe’s on-premise infrastructure.

AWS Case Study - Consumer Goods Company
2nd Watch built a highly scalable, elastic and highly available environment for this Fortune 100 Consumer Goods Company’s consumer promotion to accommodate a seamless customer experience

AWS Case Study - Consumer Packaged Goods
2nd Watch assisted this CPG company in deploying a Big Data Splunk solution on AWS to manage the logs and reporting data from its global soda fountains.

AWS Case Study - Crate & Barrel
2nd Watch professional services migrated all 3 Crate and Barrel web and e-commerce properties from a traditional hosting facility to AWS, decommissioning 1 data center and 25 servers, setting the company up for a successful holiday season.

AWS Case Study - CypherWorx
After experiencing slow service from its previous host, 2nd Watch assisted CypherWorx in migrating its customer-facing applications/sites and development projects to AWS. 2nd Watch is also managing the new environment for the company.

AWS Case Study - Diane von Furstenberg
When global luxury lifestyle, DVF, was experiencing unacceptable ap and infrastructure outages, 2nd Watch helped the company plan for and manage migration of its core applications to AWS.

AWS Case Study - Educational Publisher
In order to avoid another datacenter failure from a natural disaster, 2nd Watch configured a hybrid environment for this educational publisher, migrating its 180 public folder database and over 100,000 objects consuming 75GB of data to SharePoint Online.

AWS Case Study - Energy & Utilities Company
This natural gas and electric utilities company leveraged 2nd Watch Professional and Managed Services to migrate and host its communication systems and web applications to AWS.

AWS Case Study - Finance & Insurance Firm
This global F&I firm leveraged the 2nd Watch Risk Modeling solution on AWS to run monthly batch computing jobs using HPC to meet Federal Reserve regulatory requirements.

AWS Case Study - Global 500 Beverage Company
2nd Watch helped the world's largest beverage company migrate its North American consumer-facing websites to AWS in only 2 months and now manages the sites as well.

AWS Case Study - Kent State University
2nd Watch provided an overall Assessment of 140+ of KSU’s applications through an in-depth process of developing, conducting and evaluating a survey of assessment questions. 2nd Watch then provided migration recommendations.

AWS Case Study - Lenovo
Lenovo partnered with 2nd Watch to deliver a hosted and highly available solution based on Stoneware’s Unified Cloud Solution called webNetwork. WebNetwork allows users access to files, applications and reports from any device

AWS Case Study - North Idaho Health Network
2nd Watch helped NIHN migrate all of its data from file shares from its previous physical infrastructure to Microsoft SharePoint Online, transferring 70 GB of data/57,000 objects in only three weeks.

AWS Case Study - Private Healthcare Company
2nd Watch designed a Disaster Recovery solution for this private healthcare company to incorporate its regulatory requirements and maintain the necessary agility and elasticity.

AWS Case Study - Private Mortgage Insurance Company
2nd Watch helped this company lift and shift 175 workloads into AWS to support business goals to increase its financial strength & operational effectiveness.

AWS Case Study - Public Biotech Company
2nd Watch Professional Services helped this life sciences company define its cloud adoption and journey to AWS and provided an application readiness assessment in preparation for migration.

AWS Case Study - Recurring Revenue Company
2nd Watch analyzed and optimized this company’s cost and usage on AWS and took over performance monitoring in order to set up proactive alerts. It also helped standardize and deploy operational tasks, including managing auto tools like Chef & Puppet.

AWS Case Study - Red Lion Hotels
Red Lion Hotels Corporation, a hospitality and leisure company, has experienced an improved customer experience and interaction while incurring 58% savings over the previous deployment model by migrating to AWS at 2nd Watch's recommendation.

AWS Case Study - SCOR Velogica
2nd Watch helped SCOR migrate its Velogica business to AWS to become accredited as a Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 organization and take advantage of AWS' shared security model. 2nd Watch is providing ongoing managing and support of the application

AWS Case Study - Spokane Hoopfest Association
2nd Watch helped the word's largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament move its site to AWS in preparation for thousands of users visiting the site, registering teams, and retrieving tournament brackets daily.

AWS Case Study - Yamaha
2nd Watch Factory Services migrated Yamaha's dev/test and production systems to AWS, saving the company $500K annually. 2nd Watch’s Workload Services is providing ongoing services to Yamaha for data replication, DR/backup and automation.

AWS Case Study - Yamaha
2nd Watch Factory Services migrated Yamaha's dev/test and production systems to AWS, saving the company $500K annually. 2nd Watch’s Workload Services is providing ongoing services to Yamaha for data replication, DR/backup and automation.



Financial Services, Microsoft Workloads, DevOps, Migration


AWS Solution Provider Program, AWS Marketplace Seller, AWS Government Partner Program, AWS Managed Service Program